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Anthology: Brit Boys: On Boys

Brit Boys: On Boys - Ashe Barker, M.K. Elliott, Lucy Felthouse, K D Grace, Lily Harlem, Clare London, Sarah Masters, Josephine Myles

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Anthology


Review: I have to be upfront – I wanted to read this anthology simply for the Clare London story (yes, I am a fan). Most of the other authors in this book were new to me and I was hopeful. Luckily, I was happy with almost every story, of course having favorites as usual for me with an anthology, and I found a couple authors I want to read more of. Excellent!


Obviously, by the title, the stories are tied together by Brits. These characters throughout were funny, sweet, sometimes aggravating, frequently needing a shove in the right direction but always proper Brits. Loved it!


Bodywork By Ashe Barker
Alex and Graham don’t seem to have much in common and they come from opposite ends of the career world but you know, sometimes after some angst and some fighting it, those are the couples that make it the longest.


Breaking the Marine By M.K. Elliott
Brandon and Will, now together as private and Drill Sargent after a one-off the night before Brandon’s reporting for duty. Now what are they to do? Get hot and heavy, of course!


Love on Location By Lucy Felthouse
There were times during this story that I wanted to shake first Eddie, then Theo and say, “LOOK!” But they have a lot of hurdles to overcome (out of the closet, anyone?) and again, they are such opposites. This one is a favorite, sweet and lovely.


Landscapes By K D Grace
This one is paranormal and while I enjoyed the writing, Alonso was not my type of guy. He was too manipulative, I guess the word would be, and I really wanted Reese to do something else.


The Chase By Lily Harlem
Steven and Robert end up on a sort of scavenger hunt, one that includes a threesome at one point. I thought this was funny and the whole chase idea was very creative. But will it be enough to get these two back together?


Dish of the Day By Clare London
This time a threesome that stays together, built around the opening of a restaurant. Richie is just beside himself with worry and he’s the loveliest character, I was so happy he got some long-term stress relief! And I appreciated the celeb mentions (nameless) at the opening, because I had a good time trying to imagine who those celebs would be.


E2 By Sarah Masters
A sci-fi story based around a government experiment, with Archie and Dan as citizens of opposite sides who find each other.


Locked Out By Josephine Myles
I admit it, this one was my favorite and it made me laugh. He’s a teacher for pete’s sake! We can’t be locked out of our hotel rooms. And not naked! But meeting a hot man by the spa? Might make it worth it.


Just an aside, I won’t say what story it is, but my absolute favorite part of the anthology was a Valentine card delivered “with a fully loaded breakfast tray this morning, starkers and with the card tucked between his buttocks. I’ve no idea how he managed to get up the stairs that way…” That made me laugh out loud and even now, picturing it, makes me smile.