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Chris Scully – Nights Like These

Nights Like These  - Chris Scully

Reviewer: Wendy

Genre: M/M Cops


Have you ever read a book and almost instantly been able to identify with the main character because everything described feels so realistic that you can empathize, or relate to what they are thinking/experiencing, or have stood in their shoes? Miles was one of those characters for me. And while I haven’t literally experienced what he went through, it was easy to visualize through his eyes (or words) and I felt this unexplained instant connection. Part of the appeal was that he wasn’t perfect and his situation was unconventional – older, mostly a loner, down on his luck, and disgruntled in life and love – yes, Miles felt like an ordinary kind of guy with real life struggles.


There was plenty of tension and angst in different forms in this book to appeal to a variety of reader tastes. First, we have the down on his luck Miles who really needs his newest job as a security guard to keep afloat. He’s pinching pennies after being complicit in his own downfall by not keeping a closer eye on his money grubbing ex. Next, we have the multiple forces that seem to conspire to threaten Miles’ tenuous job security which include a co-worker who doesn’t show much love, and a boss (indirectly) who is perhaps showing too much love (well okay, not really love, but definitely some flirting and fraternization which is against policy, and most definitely mixed signals because he’s straight, and married with a kid – right?). And speaking of the boss (otherwise known as Colton – the guy he inadvertently met (tripped over) at a coffee shop and later found out is the head of security at the client office he’s contracted to work at), he gets Miles caught up in a little sideline mystery (going around his direct boss) when Miles happens to mention an observation or two about odd things around the office. And last, but not least, did I mention that Miles’ predecessor was killed and that creepy things start to happen to Miles such as anonymous phone calls and a slashed tire (not to mention that feeling of being watched)?


The romance between Miles and Colton is super slow burn. Miles has been alone for most of his life, has a bit of a self-image issue, and has built some pretty sturdy walls around his heart. Lucky for him, Colton is pretty perceptive, not to mention determined. Colton is able to see through the thinly disguised protection and burrow under Miles’ skin ever so slowly. On the one hand, the anticipation was sweet and the little bits of romance and lust felt like appetizers prior to the main dish. On the other hand, the only two things I craved more of were to be a witness to the fulfillment of the promise extracted for their first “real” date, and a little more than HFN ending – their relationship still felt very much in that “new and scary” phase at the end of the book. Everything else – the characters, the humor, the mystery – had me happily engaged and loving it! Chris Scully was a “new to me” author, but now that I’ve started, I’m looking forward to checking out more of her work!!

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