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The Kritter Tales Anthology

Kritter Tales Anthology: R&P Taurus Imprint - Ann Anderson, Jenna Hale, Tracey Michael, Lor Rose, Amanda C. Stone, Tan-ni Fan

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Anthology


Review: Okay, just adorable. Lighthearted and cheery for the most part, and so dang cute. I definitely needed this today, on a snowy, dark, blustery day. The fluff factor warmed my toes. This anthology’s stories are tied together by animals. Specifically, pets who help their guardians find some love.


Mischief Makers : When Dustin finds a stranded cat and her kittens, well, what is he to do? Take them home, of course, even though his apartment has a very strict no-pets policy. Of course, being cats, they get out and people see. There is an awesome moment when a hot guy finds the kittens and Dustin tries to thank him, “…his tongue having decided it didn’t know what its function was and that the best thing for it to do was stick to the roof of his mouth.” That made me laugh, because you can blame it all on the tongue!!

And what happens when he’s given 30 days notice of eviction due to said cats? A new place to live with a hot roommate named Adam! Adam is in a band, works weird hours and is so lovely, a little unsure “…I was terrified you wouldn’t see anything good in me…” I just love that a sort of slutty cat brought them together. Note to Dustin: Get that cat fixed.


Princess Cocoa Puff: In this adorable story, the cat, said Princess Cocoa Puff, is actually forced on Andrew by his best friend, Sandy, who feels he needs company since the idiot ex took off. Princess definitely doesn’t look like one – she’s pretty mangy looking, actually. And since she is constantly getting out and heading to the neighbor’s house, instant introduction. When Andrew goes on a blind date set up by Sandy, he was very upset that the man hated cats. Obviously Princess has grown on Andrew. His date complains, “Man, cats are little assholes.” Andrew was very upset by this but I have always had cats, and I have a cat now that I adore, and I couldn’t agree more. They ARE!

Luckily, the blind date is not the one Princess loves, and so Andrew has to try a little harder.

Puppies Love: This story highlights was jerks people can be to animals, as our established couple finds an abandoned momma and her puppies on the roadside. Dante and Leo have been together a while and never really “talked of the future, both content to live in the now.” They have some drama with these new additions that maybe makes them question the future a bit. I did wonder – how did the idiot find their house?
I loved the sentiment of being a family.


Elephants Know Best: This was the darkest of the collection for me, the one that wasn’t light and sweet, in that there was sadness flowing throughout. From his father’s death to his attack to his mother’s rejection, Ethan has suffered during his time caring for his girls, the elephants. The story is told in present and memories, so the sadness is diluted a bit, although again human treatment of animals sometimes makes you want to cry. I did feel in this story the animals, special needs and abused elephants, too precedence over the romance.

Agent Princess Twinkle Buttons: Matchmaker Between our pink sparkly, Max, and our Buff Dude, Guy, the pet in this one really had to work to be noticed. Luckily, a prairie dog named Princess Twinkle Buttons who rocks a pink sparkly leash has it all going on. This story is the cutest of them with charming moments and two men, completely different from each other you’d think, who are actually more alike than you realize. Both want to be noticed for more than the “swishy exterior” or the “dumb buff dude” that people saw.
These two meet in the park, one walking his pet and the other working out, and that’s how they get to know each other. It’s pretty easy and sometimes they are too endearing for words. A-freaking-dorable moment, when big bad Guy “grabbed Max’s wrist and laid a quick peck on his palm. Then he closed Max’s fingers around the palm, effectively holding the kiss inside.” I know, I know, sappy, sticky sweet and so so so cute!

When the two finally have a real date, Guy just makes a comedy of errors and I felt so bad for him. But of course, things work out in the end.

This anthology is so very angst-free, fluffy, soft and a little sugary and I loved it.

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