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Tempeste O’Riley – Caged Sanctuary

Caged Sanctuary - Tempeste O'Riley

Reviewer: Wendy

Genre: M/M BDSM


A BDSM power exchange featuring moderately kinky play, a Dom with a big heart and penchant for cuddling, a sub who doubts his self-worth and likeability based on his limitations vs. capabilities, and very little overall angst sum up what you can expect from this book. Oh, and let’s not forget – a very pretty cover too!


I happen to love all things BDSM, so I was pretty excited to start reading this book. The actual BDSM play was definitely the highlight of the story. It’s a little more intense and has more variety than a number of books I’ve read lately. On the relationship and character side of this book, reader reactions may be a little split. For those who love romantic and sweet, you’ll probably love it. For those who love more angst (think bratty sub who tests his Master or other relationship challenges), you really won’t find it in this story. Also, the really horrific incident that impacted Kaden’s mobility and his subsequent attempts at interacting within the BDSM lifestyle following said incident occur outside the context of this story.


I was in the mood for sweet, so this story worked for me. Kaden was very confident and competent in his professional life and personal life, just not so much when it came to any kind of romantic relationship, and definitely not with respect to the type of relationship he craved. I could appreciate Kaden’s doubts and concerns because I’d probably feel the same in his situation – especially given the reactions of many others. Much of the story centers around Deacon trying to figure out ways to build Kaden’s trust and put Kaden’s fears and concerns to rest for good. He wanted to prove that Kaden, the man, was desirable and loved, and the wheelchair was truly a non-issue.


As I said, this one worked for me and I really enjoyed it. The supporting cast of characters (minus one I’d have liked to tear apart) really rounded out the story. In fact, I’d love to see a follow-up story dedicated to Sam and Jake – they were pretty yummy indeed!

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