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Anthology – Butt Babes in Boyland

Butt Babes in Boyland - Kage Alan,  Shae Connor,  Kiernan Kelly,  J.P. Barnaby,  Jevocas Green, T.C. Blue

Reviewer: Barb

Genre: Holiday Anthology


This anthology provides readers with hours of great elf-related entertainment!


The Half Life of Pumpkin Pie by Shae Connor

A nice short story about a young man who buys two pumpkin pies at the local bakery to take to a friend’s house. He’s disappointed that someone else brought a more elaborate dessert and his friends didn’t eat all of his pie. But the next day when the baker contacts him about a problem with his credit card, he discovers that they have more in common than love of a piece of pie. Cute, sexy, and a great start for this couple who just might find their HEA someday.


Elf Confidence by Kiernan Kelly

A really fun story about Zook, the manager of Workshop 69 at the North Pole who is totally disgusted after an explosion in the basement of his workshop. All the other elves make fun of this workshop because only sex toys are made there, nd they never make it onto Santa’s sleigh. But sales from this workshop actually support Santa’s whole enterprise. Zook suspects the Society for Elf Morality, Education and Normality (SEMEN) is behind the explosion and seeks out Roger, the head of the Elf Satisfaction Department to file a complaint. Together they get to the source of the explosion and other problems and along the way they discover that they have more in common than they thought, and head off to get into some trouble of their own! Cute story, very imaginative, and with a sweet romantic element.


It’s a Wonderful Lube by Kage Alan

I found it difficult to get into this story since there didn’t seem to be any romance at first and, in fact, I couldn’t figure out who the MCs might be. But it was full of puns and one-liners and would tickle the average funny bone. Around mid-point, Wesley Lee, a security intern, broke into the cemetery where Santa’s son Ethan was buried and, armed with a spell he got from the infamous TC Blue, brought Ethan back to life. Apparently he had died exactly 100 years before and Wesley had to take his one and only chance to awake his star-crossed lover. They’d been communicating on an astral level for years but now had a chance for a real life romance. To be honest, I never did really get into the story, making it difficult to actually enjoy it. It was too convoluted and difficult to follow. I think perhaps the author put too many characters into too few pages— this one might have worked better if there had been more time to set up the MCs and establish the romance.


Overnight Delivery by Jevocas Green

This is a cute story about Justin Scott, a young man who is so unsure of himself that he puts off asking out Xander, a guy he really likes. Just as he’s all set to end his dry spell by going clubbing with friends where Xander will be hanging out, his boss makes him stay at work at the toy store overnight to receive a shipment of life-size dolls. Mr. McJingles, an elf, shows up to demonstrate how a glowing magic dildo will work to bring the doll to life, allowing Justin and Kent (the doll)to spend an enjoyable night having sex.The next morning, Xander comes into the store with a cup of coffee for Justin and when they kiss, Justin realizes that his new self-confidence is now going to make his dreams come true.


The Isle of Misfit Sex Toys by J.P. Barnaby

This is a very entertaining story about Relph, a very lonely, sex-starved elf, and Bob, a.k.a. Battery Operated Boyfriend, a dysfunctional sex toy whose master died in a terrible accident in the gift wrap machine many, many ago. Since that time, Bob can’t get hard, so he hasn’t had sex, but he catches Relph’s eye, literally, when Relph accidentally ejaculates on him as he’s masturbating to pass the time on the assembly line. Bob was out there as a scout for his group of friends— misfit toys that are trying to find a way to get onboard Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. Relph does some research after letting Bob get away and discovers not only who/what Bob is but also what Bob needs to be able to have sex. He also helps Bob assist his misfit toy friends to get smuggled aboard Santa’s Christmas run. Among all the things I enjoyed about this story, one of the most unique was the clever way the author took ordinary names and converted them to elf names – Christelpher, Adelph, Relph, etc. This one was a great story with lots of humor and a sweet romance too.


For Fox Sake by T.C. Blue

Yet another fun story in this anthology of elf tales, this one was longer and more complex than the rest. The author did a great job world-building and tells us the story of Yoshi, a young man (fox shifter/Kitsune) who escapes from the Vixen Prime who has held him hostage for thirty years. He’s found and brought back to the home of Nick, an elfin being who is actually Yoshi’s mate, though Yoshi has no memory of him and Nick doesn’t know the story behind Yoshi’s disappearance and is not sure whether he should forgive him. The reasons for his capture and disappearance and the healing from the trauma make up the major points of the story with a little side romance for Nick’s friends, Pol and Jeff, thrown in. Could be a sequel there some day! All in all, this one was very well done and made a great capstone to the anthology.

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