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Sid Love - Let It Go

Let it Go - Sid Love, Chris Quinton, Alexandria Corza

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Damon is in India for his job and when his plans to visit Paris to see his sister are canceled by work, he spends his week off in Goa. He is at a restaurant by himself when he spies an incredibly attractive man, Virat, sitting with a woman at another table. Damon is immediately smitten and begins crushing on this straight man. When the prawns he ordered turn out to be so spicy, “his tongue burned, his lips prickled and his teeth threatened to fall out” (adored that description, BTW, love spicy stuff), help comes in the form of the sexy man.


Damon wants this man and the fact that Virat is not only married but is on his honeymoon doesn’t seem to be much for a deterrent to his crush. He tells himself it’s wrong to want him but is drawn to him and wants time with Virat, even just as friends. He seesaws between going after Virat and settling for being friends.


It was a little odd that he seems to be very close with his sister, Tammy, and yet can’t remember the child’s name. He does lean on Tammy and goes to her for advice and a shoulder. I liked her and was glad Damon had a sounding board.


A warning, and a reason for my going for 3.75 hearts instead of 4 is the cheating. I just hate reading it and I always end up sympathizing with the person being betrayed, in this case Jyoti. I had hopes Virat was going to keep his integrity for a minute but then, alas. I felt so bad for Jyoti and I was so angry with Damon when he can’t figure out “I don’t know why I feel so horrible about it all.” Hmm, wonder why?


For his part, Virat has tried to do what is expected of him, women, marriage, family. He’s trying to be what people expect of him but sometimes, that just doesn’t work. With Damon, he’s obviously found a connection and so he goes between acting like a want-to-be gay lover and being a husband to his wife. It’s a difficult situation for all of those involved.


I did feel this was definitely some insta-love going on, as it is just a matter of days. Ayesha, Jyoti’s sister, called it right away, though. I liked the epilogue and how it wrapped things up.

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