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Clare London – Dear Alex

Dear Alex - Clare London

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary

4.25 Hearts


Review: Alex is the “Dear Alex” of the title, a columnist who helps people figure out, Is he the one? He’s worked on the column for years and has built it up, now a successful item at the magazine, Meant for Men. He’s worked hard, sometimes in the beginning making up letters just to have copy, and he’s had the support of Robbie, taking all the administrative work and who’s also been a good friend and bed partner. Alex and Robbie fit well together, but Alex doesn’t do monogamy. When Robbie wanted more than an open relationship, Alex ended that right away. Now, well, they are business associates.


Now Alex has moved from a direct, honest, caring columnist to a caustic, sarcastic diva who really doesn’t hear the men writing anymore. Robbie isn’t happy with this but Alex is a diva and doesn’t listen. Robbie is still his sweet, caring self- he’s the guy that answers all the painful letters Alex deems not worthy of the column. Robbie, though, he gets it. There are lives behind those letters, real men who are hurting, upset, sad, angry. It’s more than entertainment.


It’s as Robbie is finally going to move on, from Alex, from the column, from the “brand of honesty” Alex labels his sometimes cruel answers, that Alex begins to remember why they were together and what he might be missing. But now, is it too late?

I liked Robbie immensely. He’s kind, gentle and deserves more. I completely adored the scene with their boss, Leila, when she informs Alex of the history he has apparently changed in his head. Way to knock him down a peg! Alex is an arrogant idiot who is so redeemable, and that was a lovely thing to read.

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