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Caitlin Ricci – Horse Crazy

Horse Crazy - Caitlin Ricci

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: Transgender


Review: Let’s put it out there that Melody is living her life for the first time as her true self and let’s mention that without daughter, Kristen, I don’t think it would be as smooth. That is one rockin’ 15-year-old. Total acceptance and support, I’d rate the book a 4 just for her!


But to return to Melody, this story is told in first person POV, beginning when she and Kristen have moved to a small town where Melody is living as a woman, being a mom and adjusting to her new life. As a thank you to Kristen, who happens to be horse obsessed, Melody gets her riding lessons.


Melody is a little scared to be going out as herself when she drives Kristen to the lessons, which happen to be taught by a horse trainer Kristen is a fangirl for, Derrick.

Melody in her red dress and sunglasses, waiting for her daughter, happens to catch the eye of a handsome man and from here, we get the nerves that come from first times. It was endearing, because she didn’t let it stop her. Even when she has to decide, when do you tell a date about your past?


I did think the whole thing was fast – one date and he cares about her and she’s ready to spill her secrets. I’d like to have a little more time of them getting to know each other but then again, maybe that works better, get the information out there before things gets serious. I did like that he didn’t just toss off the secret as being no big deal because if nothing else, it had to be a surprise. This seemed a more realistic response, if a little fairy tale by the end! But good for Melody!

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