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Sean Michaels – Love Matters

Love Matters (What's His Passion?) - Sean Michael

Reviewer: Vivian

Genre: M/M BDSM


A full length Michael story so there's more development of character and plot than short stories. There's also an commensurate increase in sex. Woof.


Trey is sweet and so eager to please and be with Lucien. But even more he's afraid of losing himself to Lucien. Lucien is the generous loving Master determined to find a way into his boy's life for more than the occasional scene.


Trey's blindness leads to a lot sensory exploration and trust exercises with Lucien as he starts to rediscover the outside world that he's insulate himself from after school. His job doesn't require him to leave the house and he's been living independently for over a decade.


Loving, cherishing and possessing are key points in a Sean Michael story and this doesn't disappoint. Also true to form, the story is 90% sex with a big emphasis on ass play: lots of plugs, rimming, fistings and an enema This story is more about two men falling into a deeper relationship than kinky sex though they do scene; they also just cuddle and have sex. They also talk more than any couple I've ever met. Talk about everything they're feeling and thinking, so not realistic, but that's not why one reads a Sean Michael book.


It includes an Interracial relationship that is subtle and really only gets addressed when Trey is asking what one of his book covers looks like and it segues into discussion of light and dark--the men's skin tones. And honestly, that's the kind of representation I prefer in books. As much as the sex was lovely, there was a lot and I found myself skimming the last three or four. Not because I didn't like them, but because it was overload. Even taking breaks I was like, "Another one?"


Ends with a nice epilogue that highlights the end of another book for Trey and his reward.


Overall, sensory focused SEX with a lot of validation.


Favorite quote:

Hell, it had been close to ten years since they’d first met and he was still worried that if he let Lucien in all the way, he’d never be able to stand on his own again.