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Rhys Ford- Down and Dirty

Down and Dirty - Rhys Ford

Reviewer: Barb

Genre: M/M Cops


I sure hope this isn’t the last of the series, but if it is, it certainly provides a delightful look at Bobby and at Ichiro, Cole’s brother and the guy Bobby wants by his side for more than one night.


Bobby Dawson, former LAPD detective and best friend of Cole McGuiness, first meets Ichiro Tokugawa, Cole’s half-brother, when Ichi comes into Cole’s life in “Dirty Laundry”. Ichi, young, hot, and tattooed is exactly what Bobby likes in a man, and though he doesn’t know it at the time, he’s exactly what Ichi likes too. From the beginning, Cole lays down the law—no involvement with Ichi under any circumstances. He knows Bobby is “a whore” who never spends more than one night with a man, and in fact, sometimes has multiple partners in one night. Bobby is not the kind of man Cole wants for his brother.

During the course of this story, we see both Bobby’s and Ichi’s POV during the events which took place in “Dirty Laundry” and in “Dirty Deeds”, and we find out that “a thing” was developing between the two behind Cole’s back the whole time. I loved the way the author interwove this story with the events which occurred in last two in the series.


As it turns out, Ichiro may be just the man to turn Bobby’s heart and mind from the wandering, philandering dog he was, to a more stable “let’s see where this goes” relationship. The actions and interactions which occur with both Cole and with their other brother, Mike, as well as the ongoing nastiness exhibited by Ichiro’s father in Japan keep the story moving at a fast pace. We learn more about Bobby’s past and we finally get to meet his son—a son who has no idea his father is gay. Bobby is going to have to come far out of the closet and face his best friend and the implications of losing him, if he wants to have any chance with Ichi at all.


One of the things I most love about Rhys Ford is her very unique and interesting descriptive phrases. They bring life to any story she writes because there’s never a boring, repetitive way of describing anything when she writes it. One of my favorites in this story is when Bobby is describing himself as “so fresh out of the closet I’ve got coat hanger marks on the back of my neck.” Love that! It’s so much better than all the others who refer to Narnia when describing a man who’s deep in the closet.


I honestly can’t think of anything that I didn’t like about this story. It was absolutely amazing and made me fall in love with both men and pray for their HEA, and wow, did I get my wish!


I highly recommend this series if you love great writing, strong MCs, and a host of very strong and personable secondary characters. This one should not be read as a standalone. Read the rest of the series first, then don’t hesitate to pick this up.

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