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SM Johnson – Dare in the Dungeon

Dare in the Dungeon (Dungeon series Book 4) - SM Johnson

Reviewer: Danny

Genre: M/M BDSM


** Spoiler Alert **


“But there was something that screamed perfection when it was just the two of us, him and me, the Dom and the sub, and the power exchange between us.”

“There was nothing like a single-tailed whip to make you feel like a slave, to lower your status, to send nerve-endings burrowing deeper into flesh, crawling with fear.”


I enjoyed this novel, although less than the first volume of this series.


We follow all the characters we visited in the previous books. Dare lives with Zach and they love each other. But Zach, even if a little kinky, can’t dominate Dare as well as a good dom can do, and he can’t provide BDSM to him. That's why Dare decided to call Master Thomas to the rescue. So Thomas and Zach will work together to dominate Dare. Jeff and Roman are still together and in love more than ever, especially since Jeff is coming back to normal, being his old self again. Vanessa thinks to go living, along with her baby, with another M/f couple. Jason wants to go back to college, so he’ll have to move too.


We are seeing Thomas, Zach and Dare, Roman and Jeff, and Vanessa and her new partners playing different BDSM scenes.


Everyone found Roman’s and Jeff’s fisting scene very hot. But I couldn’t help but think that if someone would take that long to fist me, I would become crazy before the scene is over. It's nice to put the needed time, especially if it's a first fisting, but around two hours... Whoa! My anus would be very sore before his fist is pushing inside my belly. In my humble opinion, it's too long, at least for a beginner. And a break in the heat of the moment won’t help. That allow the sphincters to tighten and we therefore need to start the fisting all over again.


I found fun the session with the tampon. Especially since I’ve already used them in the same way. OK It's not extremely easy to remove it once entered. The tampon swells a little. The anus can get a little inflamed because of the tampon’s ruggedness. But a clean rectum is not a vagina during menstruation. The tampon would not become soaked with liquid. So if we lubricate the anus when we put it inside and we re-lubricate before the withdrawal, there is no problem at all to remove it. So no reason to think about using forceps. lolllll


Someone told me not to love Thomas as much as she loves Roman. I think it's because Thomas isn’t as quick to express his appreciation to his subs and, at the beginning of the story, he clearly said he isn’t looking for a boyfriend. Most readers, especially women, are in search of romances and Thomas’ attitude doesn’t match their expectations. But I liked it. I don’t believe in the instant and easy love that is found in most romances. I don’t like when "Mine" and "I love you" rained down from the first pages and didn’t cease after that. I like that the dominant leaves his subs time to prove their worth before patting their back and falling in love with them. And that is what Thomas did. That's why I enjoyed it.

That may be because I'm a man, but Dare’s endless questions about his sexuality seem excessive and boring at the end. OK A man can also wonder about his gay and kinky sexuality, but say that it seems to me that it’d be less constant than in Dare’s unending and relentless questioning and worry.


The scene between Vanessa and her new BDSM play partners is short. I think the author understood that it isn’t her readers’ cup of tea, and she made sure to shorten their ordeal. ;)


I liked the fact that the MCs have evolved throughout this story. For me, there's no story if the characters don’t change at least a little for the better or the worse. This is the best way to know if our characters are realistic or not. If they progress throughout the story, they look more like true living beings. And that’s one of the greatest qualities of Ms Johnson; she is able to give life to her characters.


The open ending gives us hope that there will be a sequel. During this time, I’ll read The Story of Hawk and Boy that I bought a few days ago.


In summary, with a few little doubts on some BDSM sessions and Dare’s perpetual questioning, I loved this novella. It’s well written, as all S.M. Johnson’s stories. So I give it 4 hearts

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