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Ari McKay – Blood Bathory Absence of Sun

Blood Bathory: Absence of the Sun - Ari McKay

Reviewer: Kevin

Genre: m/m paranormal


Review: This is the second installment within this series and all I can say is Please! Please! Tell me number three is on its way. I found the author’s world building to be spot on, but even more so her character development won me over from book one.

Tyr life as he knew it all ended on that fateful night with the loss of his lover and the failure of his mission to save the American soldiers. The only way he has coped these last seventy five years is in his tiger form, and even then it’s a miserable existence. But all that he knows is not completely lost and once talked into another mission by a dear and trusted friend he will soon find a second chance at life.

Adam thought being captured and held as a prisoner of war could not get any worse, but soon he will find out it pales in comparison to who and what he has been turned into. But he’s a man of determination and conviction, he will not become the monster he was turned into. Monster, or so he thought.

Throughout the story the author weaves a web of redemption, love and compassion for her readers to enjoy. Combined with a little bit of action, adventure and some suspense thrown in for good measure to achieve an outstanding book for one and all.

In closing I can’t say enough positive things about this book and this author’s writing to sum up all my feelings. Highly recommended!

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