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Cardeno C – In Another Life/Eight Days

In Another Life & Eight Days - Cardeno C.

Reviewer: Mandy

Genre: MM Holiday, Contemporary

4 Hearts


Review: In Another Life, 4 hearts I am a fan of Cardeno C.. The stories are generally sweet and sexy and even when they deal with serious issues there is still a lightness and fun about them.


This book switches between 18yr old Shiloh's life and 36yr old Shiloh's life.
He is at the end of his rope, he feel like there is no hope for him, no one would miss him so he's just going to end it.

While he is in the tub and his life is leaving him he sees what his future would have held.
Travis. Travis was his future.

Of course this is a Cardeno C book, so it's going to have a happy end, it's going to be sweet, it's going to be happy and perfect and instant everything.
I loved it! Perfect for me


Eight Days – 3.75 Hearts I enjoy the friends to lovers trope and I enjoyed this one a lot, it had a 'real' feel to it, in the sense that Maccabe was sort of dense in what he was saying and doing and not picking up on Josh's cues.

Josh needed to be clearer, but that's how young love an feelings are, all encompassing and not quite clear and rational.

The seven year jump was a little jarring, I couldn't believe that the fact that Josh had disappeared from all their lives didn't come up or that Maccabe didn't figure it out sooner, and the jump at the end was a surprise, but all in all a very sweet holiday story.

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