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Lucy Felthouse – Desert Heat

Desert Heat: (Unconditional Surrender) - Lucy Felthouse

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: MM Military


Review: I really enjoyed this story. It had great pacing, and I believed the emotions from both Hugh and Rustam (may seem a little quick for some people but technically they had been working together for 3 months already so it was believable to me.) This story is also very different from the rest of the stories in this anthology, for a few reasons. Firstly, the love story takes place between a British soldier and Afgan interpreter. Secondly, it sheds light on the important issue of interpreters who risk their lives to help soldiers. This danger was touched on, although I couldn't help but think of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight episode on this subject which talks of the bureaucratic nightmare that interpreters have gaining American citizenship after their service. This aspect wasn't touched on really, and maybe Britain does a better job of it, but either way it did bring light to some unsung heroes which I thought was great. Ended a tad abrubtly with a good HFN, although I would have preferred a little more or at least an epilogue.


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