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Mrs. Jones – Her Son’s Best Friend

Her Son's Best Friend: A Taboo Romance - Mrs. Jones

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MF Contemporary


Review: This is a fairly short story (83 pages on iPad) and deals with a May/December romance, one in which there is also the issue that Scott, the much younger man Samantha is falling for, is also her son’s best friend. Uh oh!


Scott is an extremely mature 18-year-old with some rough family times. I admit, I questioned whether Scott’s attraction to Samantha was partly due to the fact she was a “safe” place. There is a point when Samantha says, “He’s just a boy” to Scott’s father and you realize at that point, Samantha isn’t looking at him as a man even though they are having sex. That got me some – I needed her to realize it.


One issue I had with the book was there were times, particularly in flashback when David and Scott were very young, when the way they spoke made it seem like adults. A six-year-old boy admonishing his mom not to “be too harsh” on another boy seemed out of character. Yes, David is an uber-brain, but still.


For his part, David, Samantha’s son, really does take the situation very well. This has been his best friend for 12 years and this is his mother! You don’t want to think about things like that, particularly at 18. Scott was also a virgin until Samantha and that’s the sort of thing you share with your best friend, losing your cherry, but really, for David? He’s sort of nerdy and his sense of betrayal had to be astronomical, due to the way he finds out.


Fans of older women/younger men should enjoy Scott and Samantha! Oh, and I should mention - that cover is HOT!