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Patrice Wayne – Dearest Love

Dearest Love - Patrice Wayne

Reviewer: Rich

Genre: M/F Historical




Set during the Siege of Vicksburg the plot centers on a Texas soldier and a young widow whose husband gave his life for a “noble cause”.

The heroine is the usual steel magnolia who rescues the soldier and his brother and nurses them back to health and falls madly in love.

The novel is well plotted and contain era appropriate dialog. As the setting is on the far outskirts of Vicksburg and within the confederate line, the principals are spared the constant and unrelenting artillery fire with the result destructions that so many endured during the siege. The house with a well stocked larder provided the resident with enough food to escape the deprivations and starvation that was pervasive during the siege. No shoe leather or rats on the menu for dinner. The battle scenes are not too graphic but do convey a good sense of the carnage.

Civil War historical romantic readers will be pleased.

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