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Parker Williams – Protector of the Alpha (Shifting Needs #1)

Protector of the Alpha - Parker Williams

Reviewer: Kevin

Genre: M/M Paranormal


I was absolutely enthralled with this book from the first word. While usually not being one to read young adult books, this one was flawless with the storyline to transition over to an adult read seamlessly. The originality of the story and the twist on the alpha and protector theme was truly amazing.


The relationship that was developed and written of Jake and Zak was done tastefully and reminded me of what young love and new beginning of life together is all about. From the gentle caress to the sizzling kisses and ultimately the love making of these two made me weak in the knees. Add to the storyline an amazing best friend, great mentor and witty dialogue and these are just a few traits of this wonderful story.


The antagonist in this story is the type of guy that you can’t wait to see get his in the end, as well as the protector associated with him. The story at times is quite sad and the sacrifices made to protect those that can’t protect themselves are truly testimony to love at its best.


I found the writing in this story to be original and unique and will be one that will go on my best shelf list to read over and over. I look forward to more amazing work by this author and further development of this awesome storyline.

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