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Michael Thomas – Say Cheese

Say Cheese - Michael P. Thomas

Review by Lucy


This is the short story of Felix and Shep, who meet while working at a café.  Felix’s goal is to be a star, Shep’s just to be.  They are  in love and lovers before Felix’s big break on TV, which takes him to, yes, stardom.  Shep is still working the café and reveling in his ability to be with the man everyone wants.


While Shep is out of town, Felix plans a surprise planned for him. Alas, the stars are not shining on Shep and he is going through some hideous airport experiences. He keeps trying but doesn’t seem to be able to  make it home.


Told in a series of flashbacks, brought on by each airport fiasco, the story explains their important history, how they met,  Shep’s fear, which I found realistic and makes Felix just that much better.  I liked them both and the writing was just my style “Felix had been so eager, bless the little beaver…” Adorable.


And those airport fiascos?  Anyone who travels can probably relate.