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Johnny Miles – Yuletide Knights

Yuletide Knights - Johnny Miles

Reviewer: Wendy

Genre: M/M BDSM



“Michael, Michael. You are missing out on so much by constantly fighting a battle with yourself. Just let go. You can count on Beau to give you what you need, but you have to give up the fight. You’ll be happier than you’ve ever been in your life. Just do it.”


That’s exactly what I wanted to say to Michael. I wanted to be able to grab him by both ears, look into his eyes, and try to hypnotize him with those words. It was either that or slap him up alongside the head and shout it at him – the urge was a near thing.


I could feel and understand Beau’s exasperation for being on a repetitive loop with Michael – fighting for civil rights and then getting arrested; hot and quivering under Beau’s ministrations, then cold and breaking it off again. Michael is frankly a hot mess, but, he’s in luck. After all, it’s Christmas and Kris Kringle may just have a little magic up his sleeve (or in his pants).


I love second chance stories, and while this one might technically be Michael’s seventh chance, I didn’t hold it against him. I think he just needed more holding period (preferably Beau holding him down and screwing him senseless). This story had a little bit of lots of things going for it. It was a little bit cute, funny, quirky, mysterious, and hot – a very enjoyable story indeed!