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TJ Klune -The Art of Breathing (Bear, Otter, and the Kid Chronicles Book 3)

The Art of Breathing (Bear, Otter, and the Kid Chronicles) - T.J. Klune

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/M Contemporary


Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I enjoy audiobooks as an interlude, for the in between times. I listen to them on my commute, and while I'm doing laundry. When I'm walking the dog, or in the shower. It's a nice change to drag a book out for a week or two in this manner, since I tend to plow through the books I read in a manner of days... I listened to this over the course of two days.


That should sum up my enjoyment of it well enough, but let me give you some specifics. First, the audio version. Phenomenally done. I liked young Tyson's cracking voice, and Dom's broken one. I liked the intonation and emotion, the acting that the narrator put into it. The only other book I've listened to by this narrator was Super Sock Man by Amy Lane, I had the same compliments about the acting, however, not the voice cracking. In that book, at 19 the boys voice was occasionally still cracking and it irked me. Yet in this book, with Tyson, it fits. Like in book 1, Bear, Otter, and the Kid, they have long winded rants and go into their own heads. While I like that aspect in some ways, I really wanted to see what would happen so I actually increased the speed to x2 and x3 at some points! Not because it was bad and I was rushing through it, but because I was impatient.


That was the good, now the bad. Well, bad is too strong, but criticisms. 1) Like with Bear in book 1, I got annoyed at Tyson's logic and his need to go it alone. He was a strange mix of super over-dependency, yet "not only do I need to go but you can't see me in the 4 months I'm gone!" WTF? 2) The addiction. This is listed in the book blurb and I expected... more. It was sort of an after-thought that didn't seem to affect Ty's life at all, or his life with Dom. They never even talk about it, and I wasn't sure Dom knew but then Ty mentions it to someone else near him, and nothing more is said. It was odd. 3) Steam between our two MC's. Now I know these books don't go into detail with the sex, and I'm okay with that. I loved these guys as best friends, and I believed they loved each other... but there was a little something missing that I got between Bear and Otter in their book. But maybe I wanted to see more of them together, the second half of the book lost a little focus with all the secondary characters. 4) Speaking of them being friends and loving each other, holy shit how oblivious can people be?!?! The people around them acted like it was normal for a man to jump-hug and wrap his legs around his straight friend and snuggle for a good few minutes. 5) Why was Bear so resistant to them? I get he's your kid brother but don't you want him to be happy? He can't shelter Ty forever, it wasn't helping. One word. Enabler.


Buuuuuuut, I liked it! I wanted to read book 2, Who We Are, first. But then I realized I was only wanting to get through it to get to this, and the storyline didn't seem entirely necessary... so I skipped it. I think that was fine, you learn the events of that book here but it never really feels like you missed anything. There's going to be one more book with these guys, and the addition of some new characters, and I'm definitely interested to see the conclusion to their story. I hope Ty matures, and we get to see more of him and Dom (since that didn't really happen until the end of this book). I definitely recommend the audio book for this series, and I think it explains my slightly higher rating for this book compared to book 1, which I read. They are so long-winded and while I love their rants, I like them even more at double speed!