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K.C.Wells - A Bond of Three

A Bond of Three - K.C. Wells

Reviewer: Barb

Genre: M/M/M Fantasy


Tanish, Prince of Teruna fell in love with Feyar, the Seruan who was sent to train him in the ways of sex seven years ago. Neither has taken another to their bed since then, but their love is ill-fated because in this kingdom the Seruani are treated as less than animals. They cannot be acknowledged on the street, nor can their families ever have contact with them again once they are taken to the Seruanal for training as sex slaves. So when Tanish receives word that his father, King Feolin, has arranged his marriage to the offspring of the King of Vancor both men know that when it happens, Feyar will have no say in the matter, and even though Tanish promises that it will be in name only, both men are powerless to stop it.


Meanwhile Sorran, the aforementioned “offspring”, is a young man dearly loved and doted on by his mother and seen as an alliance tool by his father. He’s innocent in the ways of the flesh, but he’s talented in other ways—he has visions, usually in the form of dreams, and his birthmark, a symbol of three hands intertwined in a circle, throbs hotly on occasion when he recalls some of his dream predictions. When he first sees Tanish, his birthmark burns as hotly as his body, since he’s instantly sexually attracted to the prince and he knows in his heart that he has seen his destiny.


When Tanish finds out that Sorran is a handsome young prince, not a princess, and is to be his betrothed, he’s not as horrified as he thought he would be, because he feels a similar attraction to the young man. Regardless of his attraction, that night he reassures Feyar that they will always be together and no matter what happens, the marriage will be in name only. Then the king throws a monkey-wrench into the deal when he arranges for the virgin prince to have sex instruction by none other than Feyar. And, as readers would expect, Feyar is immediately attracted to Sorran and vice versa. In fact, Sorran is shocked by his reaction to Feyar since it’s so similar to his reaction to Tanish.


I enjoyed this story as the men came to terms with their attraction to each other and more was revealed about Sorran’s psychic abilities and their effect on both Tanish and Feyar. Delving into the history of the Seruani in the kingdom gave readers the background for the world-building, and though not intricately complicated, it was sufficient to create an understanding of the customs and the prejudices of the people of this kingdom and to keep the story interesting. The sex instruction and later sex scenes between the three MCs was very hot, and was nicely balanced between all three (and sometimes all three at once), making it much better than some others I’ve read.


There wasn’t any major mystery and intrigue, nor were the men separated by political action or war as there could have been, but there was enough mystery and adventure surrounding Sorran’s psychic abilities and his very sweet personality that I found myself eagerly looking forward to each new chapter.

A negative for me relates to the cover—though I really like the look of each of the guys on the cover, and Feyar is definitely well represented by the red cloak, there are two glaring issues that bother me. The minor one is that Feyar is the only one with chest hair in the story, so the other MC on the cover shouldn’t have had any. The major issue is that the man with the tattoos represents Sorran and he definitely needed to have that birthmark of three joined hands on his chest on the cover picture, though he does not. It’s pivotal to the story and it strikes me as difficult to believe that an artist couldn’t have photo-shopped that onto his chest for this cover. Secondary to that, it bothers me that the author approved the cover without it.


But aside from that cover issue, I would definitely recommend this to lovers of fantasy worlds and/or to those who love a sexy and intriguing ménage.

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