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Jacob Flores – Please Remember Me

Please Remember Me - Jacob Z. Flores

Reviewer: Barb

Genre: M/M Contemporary


Successful Houston lawyer Santi Herrera is a workaholic, so much so that his best friend and fag hag, Jill, finally convinces him that fresh air and sunshine in San Diego is just what’s needed to bring a little spark to his life. She’s also hoping he’ll break his dry spell and find someone for a night of passion. When he spots Hank Burton outside the gay bar he and Jill are heading to, he does something he’s never done before—he goes up to Hank and makes a pass—a successful one, because the two hit it off immediately. In fact, they spend most of the rest of the week together and when Santi leaves to go back to Houston, Hank promises to keep in touch.


And not only do they keep in touch, both men fly back and forth as they date long distance, and their love grows stronger. Eventually, Hank relocates to Houston, moving his contracting business with him. Santi’s wealthy client base leads to good contacts for Hank, and his business grows. The two plan to be married and live their HEA, so just before their wedding date when Hank falls from a scaffold causing a brain injury their plans are shattered, as is Santi’s heart. When Hank comes out of his coma, what should have been a joyous occasion for Santi becomes the beginning of a tumultuous period in his life because Hank has no memory of the past three years—and that includes Santi! In fact, Hank thinks he still lives with his roommates in San Diego and that he’s still in love with his former boyfriend, Karl.


Rather than this story becoming a maudlin tale of woe laced with heavy doses of angst, the author cleverly guides the reader through the journey back to love for Hank and Santi using flashbacks skillfully woven into the present situations. There are hurdles and heartaches for both men and the possibility of their renewed love often seems destined for failure, but Santi’s courage and personal integrity keeps him strong and his firm belief that Hank will someday fall in love with him again underscores reader’s hopes for the couple’s future. What happens when Hank returns to San Diego to visit the people and places from his past creates just the right amount of tension and tugs on reader’s heartstrings. I found it hard to put the book down.


In summary, I loved the MC’s. I loved the secondary characters. I loved the way the author wove the past and the present throughout the story. And so, of course, I loved the story! I am so happy I picked up this copy for review since it was an absolute pleasure to read. Well-paced, emotionally gripping, heartbreaking, and heartwarming, this is a Romance with a capital “R”. Very highly recommended.