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A.J. Thomas – The Way Things Are

The Way Things Are - A.J.  Thomas


Genre: M/M Mystery


Sometimes, the way things are can really suck, or at the very least, can really interfere with the way you want things to be. For Patrick, as a father, this means his son always comes first, and because Jay has a tendency to get in trouble often, it means Patrick doesn’t have anything extra (time, cash or energy) to give beyond trying to figure out how to get Jay to stop. For Ken, it means the father of his newest case is off limits and their time together can only be strictly business despite having the hots for the sexy, ginger-haired, gorgeous giant.


This story has a lot of plot going for it. There are the obvious elements with plenty of angst due to the circumstances under which Patrick, Jay and Ken meet and have to interact with one another, but then there is also a heavy dose of mystery that comes in the form of trouble at Patrick’s new job – the kind of trouble that could get him and those involved with him hurt or killed.


I was immediately drawn into the story and fascinated with some of its unique aspects. For example, some of things that stood out include Patrick’s job as a longshoreman, his fighting career, the way he was both fiercely honest and honorable, his anomaly of a friend Corbin, and the worst ever ex; Ken’s long line of police loving family; and Jay’s graffiti as a coping mechanism. Lots of things going on to keep me intrigued!


My one primary wish for this book was for a longer ending. It felt like things wrapped up a little too quickly and with too many outstanding questions for my peace of mind. That being said, it seemed as though the seeds of possibility were there for Corbin and/or Jay to have stories of their own. I would definitely be interested in reading more about both. For those who love plot and strong characters (primary and secondary), a good dose of action/suspense, and a liberal sprinkling of sexy interludes, then definitely check out this book!