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L.M. Brown – One Perfect Wish

One Perfect Wish - L.M. Brown

Reviewer: Diane

Genre: M/M Contemporary


Scott is a workaholic who wakes up one morning in bed with Cameron, deposited there by a djinn who is fulfilling a wish. At first Scott is not happy to be taken from his life, even though work is pretty much all he has in that life, but realizing he has no choice, he goes along with it. As the day grows to a close, Scott desperately tried to find out more about Cameron and where they are to find Cameron once Scott gets back to his "real" life.


I LOVED this story! It is easily one of my favorites of 2015 it made me smile, laugh, cry, had incredibly tender and hot moments, twists and turns and all in a short story!


This was incredibly well written, I felt pulled in from the first page and the wish that was not disclosed to Scott. The journey he takes in only 24 hours, even though the wish is not his, the life he gets to participate in for this day becomes his wish also. When he is returned to his life, he takes time off to try and find the village where he shared a home with Cameron to see if they could meet in real time.


That is when the twists really start and I can't say anymore about the story or too much would be given away, but trust me when I say this is an incredible story that I highly, highly recommend to anyone who enjoys love stories that almost seem against the odds.

As already mentioned, this is on my favorites list for 2015!

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