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Ari McKay – Letters from Cupid

Letters from Cupid - Ari McKay

Reviewer: Barb

Genre: MM


Review: English Professor Derek Chandler bemoans his single fate as Valentine’s Day approaches. In speaking to a friend, he reveals how empty and lonely his life feels and how he longs to find the love of his life but fears that it’s never going to happen. His past relationships have all fizzled out so he assumes that he just can’t maintain passion and interest with a man long enough to build a future together.


As he’s baring his soul, he’s overheard by his cubicle neighbor, the reclusive and shy Dr. Macon Pinney. Macon is incensed that Derek feels so low about himself and puzzles over what he can do to change Derek’s mind. When he decides to write a letter from "Cupid", anonymously of course, he informs Derek not to lose hope because he is very worthy of love.


Surprised to find the note posted on the board outside his office, Derek replies to the anonymous writer, labeling the note to “Eros” (Latin for Cupid) when he pins it to the board. Intrigued, Macon grabs the note when no one is around, and the two begin a correspondence that shows Derek that he isn't the only one with doubts about his appeal. At the same time, feeling friendly and gregarious, Derek starts to say hello to Macon every day when he passes by his cubicle. He’s surprised by how good-looking Macon is when he smiles and by how friendly he is once Derek gets to know him.


There’s some sweet misunderstanding on Cupid’s part when Derek begins to refer to the man he’s now attracted to, little knowing that the man is Macon himself. I really enjoyed this story. It was well-paced and grabbed me right from the beginning. The characters were well fleshed out even though the story is not very lengthy, and I found myself rooting for them almost from the start. I had planned to read half in the evening and the other half the next morning, but I ended up staying up very late to finish the story. I literally could not put it down.


This is just the kind of romance I like to read around Valentine’s Day. It’s a sweet and simple romantic tale of two mature men who nearly gave up on finding Mr. Right, and maybe would have if it weren’t for a bit of assistance from Cupid. Highly recommended.