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Lane Hayes – The Wrong Man (Right and Wrong #2)

The Wrong Man - Lane Hayes

Reviewer: Victoria

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: The Wrong Man is the second book in the Right and Wrong series by Lane Hayes. While this book is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as standalone novel.


Brandon Good is a successful owner of an upscale boutique in West Hollywood. Brandon has a happy and successful life at work but his private life is empty. He and his ex-boyfriend broke up but his ex is trying to get back together. Brandon is a sweet and kind man who works hard.


Jake Westley is a fire fighter that recently transferred to the West Hollywood fire department. He broke up with his ex-boyfriend not too long ago and is trying to make a clean start. Jake works hard to rekindle his friendship and start a romance with Brandon.

The connection between Jake and Brandon is intense. They make a great pair. While it was never really addressed in, the book but I wonder if Jake came to the town Brandon lives in because Brandon was there. In addition, I wonder if a story line was cut out, because the story line with Brandon’s ex seemed to be building up to stalking or something. Then story line fizzed out at the end.


I found this book well written with an intriguing plot. The main characters and the secondary characters were fascinating. While the ending was a little predictable, the journey the book takes the reader through is gripping with several unanticipated twists and turns that keep the reader on their toes all the way though. I had a hard time putting this book down. Overall, this was a very enchanting book.

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