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RJ Scott – Alpha, Delta

Alpha, Delta - R.J. Scott

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Military


Review: While at a mandatory safety meeting as part of the Norwegian Emergency Response Unit, work partners Erik and Finn are bored and they don’t want to be there. Erik knows Finn is gay and he’s good with it. So when Finn is distracted by the very pretty Niall, the engineer about to give a speech, Erik teases and then ditches the meeting. So Finn gets to meet the very intelligent Niall on his own. In the span of a short conversation, Finn is pretty taken with Niall and tries to figure out if Niall might be interested as well.


As the two get to know each other and sleep together it becomes clear that Niall is looking for a partner and Finn is out the door nearly as soon as the condom comes off. Very frustrating for Niall.


They aren’t together all the time, Finn is a Delta and Niall is decommissioning oil rigs. But then the unimaginable happens and Niall is in danger. Finn’s attitude of “no strings” isn’t helping here when a crazy from the past causes trouble.


There were a couple of times there were distracting name switches and I had to go back and reread the paragraph again. I liked Niall a lot, as well as Ewan, his brother. Finn was more irritating, his insistence that he “couldn’t love someone…it wouldn’t be fair”.


There’s a lot going on in the second half of the book, with the crazy around. I did like very much when Niall is frozen in place on the boat deck. That seemed a very real reaction – Niall isn’t a Delta, he’s an engineer. But his thoughts of “What would Finn do?” help him through. And I thought the ending was so them.