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Kim Fielding – Standby

Standby - Kim Fielding


Genre: M/M Contemporary


Review: I felt so bad for Tom at the beginning, not “hip” enough for the job he’s flown out to interview for, even though he is creative and works hard. He’s down about it and when he accidentally meets a thirtyish, handsome man, Rafael, while on standby at the airport, “I like to watch the airplanes”, it’s enough to improve his day. There is something different about Rafael, and something endearing. This is a fantasy story, even though Tom’s biggest fantasy is for “True love. Mushy pet names. Stupid in-jokes that annoy everyone else”. I so loved that about Tom – he just wants someone to love. Rafael, for his part, charming, and together, so cute! “Rafael’s lack of experience at kissing showed – they bonked noses at first…” That made me smile. It’s a story you do need to suspend belief and just buy into it, but the guys are sweet enough to make that worth it.