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ARC Review: Megan Derr- Rabbit Season

Rabbit Season (Lost Shifters Book 2) - Megan Derr

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Paranormal, Menage, Twincest

4.25 Hearts


Review: I can only say, adorable. Duck shifters, bunny shifters, twins, a threesome, what more can I ask for? I especially loved that we get to revisit with Skylar and Brody from Backwoods Asylum, a couple I loved to read.


Sidney is the heir apparent to the flock, in training by his dad for the leadership role. This breaks down to mean – there are ducks who want him to mate with a duck, not a rabbit. Especially not two rabbits and particularly not those rabbits. Because Brook and Colby are older, they held back when it came to Sidney, which he takes to be disinterest. Their work at the Lost Shifter Foundation has kept them away from home for nearly two years and now a threat to their family has them holed up at Sidney’s house.


There are quirks here I loved – that they are “beautiful, bold rabbits who didn’t seem afraid of anyone or anything”; that Sidney is easily embarrassed, “I’m going to go drown myself in the toilet”; and the easy banter between the brothers, “We can’t all be the silent, evil type…”. Oh and Sidney’s use of a saucepan? Excellent!


The sex is amazing - Colby the quiet being especially steamy.


This is a sweet and easy book, fairly short and quick. Yes, it has twincest in it, but as they say, rabbits are a little more open about things. It’s light and funny, even with the threat of danger, and I want to read the next installment.