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Whitley Gray – Crash Pad

Crash Pad - Whitley Gray

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Jamie is new to the area and he’s dying to meet Cute Rollerblade Guy. So he takes up rollerblading. Probably not the wisest decision, because he’s really not very good at it. To make matters worse, in a moment of inattention he is knocked off his blades by a runner and ends up breaking his ankle. Not the best introduction to our runner, Remy. Remy is an emergency room doctor and he’s training for a marathon when he crashes into Jamie. Even more embarrassing – as Remy and a helpful woman are carrying Jamie to Remy’s car for a trip to the ER, NOW here comes Cute Rollerblade Guy. Oh, poor Jamie.


It is a worst case for Jamie’s ankle, and it’s splinted and he’s on crutches. Problem is, he lives in a crappy motel for the time being and he has no one to call to be with him. His sister is great, but with her kids she can’t make it out there for four days. Now what?Feeling guilty and more than a little attracted, Remy offers the use of his guest room and he will help care for Jamie. With reluctance, Jamie accepts the offer of the crash pad.

It is here, during the time Jamie is crashing at Remy’s, that the story is the sweetest and the most fun. They flirt, they are embarrassed or shocked about it, they hide hard-ons and they flirt some more. Remy is a caring, compassionate person and this shows. As the two begin to talk to each other, a little bit of their history comes out. Unfortunately, Jamie is not forthcoming about his wretched past with his ex and this causes some problems. Remy is patient and allows Jamie to work through them.


I admit, I kept expecting something to come of Brett and the blind date he wanted to introduce Remy to, David. It was mentioned a couple times but didn’t really go anywhere.


I was torn about how to rate this. It was a pretty solid 4 and I liked the relationship building between Remy and Jamie very much and I felt their “click”. However, Jamie’s very negative reaction to Remy’s help with Vince rubbed me the wrong way. He almost seemed to be projecting his feelings for Vince onto Remy and honestly, I didn’t feel that Remy did anything wrong. Jamie’s reaction was way out of line for me and that brought down my enjoyment of the whole thing.


But I will split the difference and go with a 3.5 and hope that Jamie learns what is what and that Remy isn’t Vince and can be trusted. Read this story for the developing relationship between Remy and Jamie, because that’s the best part. It ends as more of an HFN with promise for HEA. For both of them, I hope that’s what they get.