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Hurri Cosmo – Chase and Capture

Chase And Capture - Hurri Cosmo

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: I am not sure if anyone else remembers the ‘80s movie, “Surviving the Game” but it was a favorite of mine (cheesy and outlandish, of course) so when I saw the premise for this book I was so excited. Especially since in this version, no one dies!


Camden had a wretched breakup with a super possessive boyfriend on his birthday and since then he has been alone by choice and dateless. This is unacceptable to his best friend from back home, Tanner, who wants nothing more than to get Cam out of his house, out of his shell and doing something fun. To this end, he books a mini-vacation at an exclusive resort and has Cam fly out to meet him. He conveniently doesn’t mention to Cam until they are on their way that it is a kinky sort of resort – one where the guests are all men and the games are not your usual sort. In this version of Capture the Flag, the “flag” is actually a butt plug and if you capture one, well, you get to do what you’d like to your prisoner. “Since no player will give up their “flag” willingly, you may use whatever means necessary to chase down, capture and take the “flag” by force, hence the handcuffs and rope. What happens when the “flag” is removed is entirely up to the captor.” No-strings-attached, unique and fun hookup. Just what Cam needs.


There are four in the group Tanner arranged – Tanner, Cam and two co-workers, Steven and Gunner. Steven seems to have a huge crush on Gunner and the man does not take no for an answer. For his part, Gunner feels a strong protective attraction to Cam and isn’t Cam the lucky one?


As the game begins, we also get to meet the owner of the island, Master. Master has a master plan (sorry, couldn’t resist) and I did like that very much.


There is another plan going on behind the scenes and this one isn’t positive or innocent. Sure, you have to suspend belief for this story because there is SO much that could go wrong when people are presented with this kind of opportunity (back to Surviving the Game!) This part distracted me a bit because it felt fortuitous but all in all it worked.

The characters are interesting and well drawn. I loved Gunner and his giant gentleness combined with Cam’s eagerness to win, well, they are a winning combo. Tanner, loyal friend and sweet man, is another great character.