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Jaye McKenna – Burn the Sky

Burn the Sky - Jaye McKenna

Reviewer: Vivian

Genre: M/M Paranormal


Dragonshifters... YES!


Garrick is the heir to Altan, a holding with rebellious leanings. Sovereignty is the issue; does the King rule or the Wytch Council? They both have something to say about that. The king has been waiting for Garrick's powers to present and still waiting. Meanwhile Garrick as heir apparent is sitting in on hearings and learning the mantel of responsibilities that comes with the rule of Altan. He also has his diversions, Kian.


Jaire, younger brother of Garrick goes through the trials of change as his wytch powers manifest. The change is not a simple or painless process. Master Tevari, Wytch Master for Altan, fearing the worst seeks assistance from the Council. There are powers too dangerous to wield without training. Powers that must be controlled or destroyed.

Machinations are now in play with one brother presented and the other not. Each side pulling strings and how the rules have been bent become clear. Fearing for the state, Garrick submits to a dangerous plan.


Death and destruction.


Master Ilya, Wytch Master and trainer of powerful students and dragonshifter comes to Altan to deal with the request for power assessment. And the game plays on. This was entertaining and I was pulled in for the duration. There are some parts that weren't terribly sophisticated, but the tale was solid. While my personal preference would have been for less introspection or internal dialogue and more action, it was engaging and sweet.


3.5 hearts


Overall, a fast moving fantasy romance with intrigue

Favorite quote:

“The ice covers everything, all the way to the bottom of my soul.”