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Nicole Forcine – Shaken Up

Shaken Up - Nicole Forcine

Reviewer: Barb

Genre: M/M Bdsm


Tim Myers owns an adult shop in San Francisco named Little Earthquakes. A sub at heart with a yearning for domestic discipline and a Dom to work with, the flamboyant shop owner moonlights as a sub for his friend’s BDSM demo classes but he never allows his identity to be revealed and never mingles with the patrons after the demos.


He and Gloria, his outrageous assistant, enjoy working his shop, and he’s a bit OCD about how everything needs to be placed and how customers need to be treated. His reputation as an authority in the field and someone who is always willing to help his customers find the perfect product are important to him. Equally important is keeping his past in the past with the door shut, locked and bolted.


When he meets Jae Seong, a man who is very evidently a Dom, he’s intrigued by his “Dom presence” until Jae opens his mouth and tells Tim that he’s there to ask for help with a wax demo. Tim can’t believe his friends gave his name to this man and wants to refuse outright, but he’s fascinated by the sexy man and eventually agrees to meet to discuss his terms. Over that meeting and several practice sessions, the two men grow closer and Jae may finally get what he desires—the gorgeous sub he fell in love with at first sight. And Tim may get his heart’s desire as well—a Dom who nurtures him in a domestic discipline relationship. The road to their HEA isn’t simple or smooth but the two work together to make it happen.


I really enjoyed this author’s writing style. The story was fast-paced, interesting, romantic, hot, and not overly angsty or dramatic. In fact, the author packed a lot of story into less than a hundred pages with rich character development—both of the MCs and the secondary characters. I’d highly recommend this to those who are interested in BDSM wax play and/or domestic discipline. And if you’ve never read a BDSM story before, this one is mild and would be a good story to start with.