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Joseph Lance Tonlet – Brothers LaFon: Crucial Lessons

Brothers LaFon, Part One: Crucial Lessons - Joseph Lance Tonlet, Starr Waddell

Reviewer: Wendy

Genre: MM, Non-Con, Thriller


Review: Well damn, I’m not often close to speechless, but this one did it. Shock and awe were present in equal parts as the story unfolded. It took a while for the words to come…

Giving a 5 heart rating for a story that isn’t remotely romantic, sweet or heartfelt is definitely something that gave me pause; however, there’s no question it’s worthy of 5 of something (and more). I’m just not sure what the appropriate symbol would be to represent the darkness in this story and the mastermind that brought it to life so brilliantly.


Have you ever watched a scary movie and been so fatally attracted that you couldn’t pull away despite knowing it was going to scare the bejeebers out of you and maybe give you nightmares? That was me reading this book. There were times that I literally had to pause, look away, and take a deep fortifying breath in order to forge ahead into the looming darkness and face the evil lurking there. There were a couple of other times that I flinched – literally flinched as my system absorbed the shock of what I’d just read.


And yet, despite all the darkness (or perhaps because of it), the characters and the nature of their relationship held an overwhelming fascination as potent as any amazing love story I’ve ever read. Jeremiah, or Miah as his brother referred to him, is the type of person that would have mental health professionals salivating to get a chance at pinning him under a microscope and trying to solve him like a puzzle: what could have happened in his life to make him into a living monster; how could he carry out his tortuous actions without any apparent feelings; and why his brother – was it hate that drove his actions or a twisted kind of love that required complete and utter control?


If you are like me, someone who enjoys dark, dangerous and twisted as much as you like sweet and romantic, then my advice to you is proceed with caution, pay attention to every tag and warning describing this story, strap yourself securely into your seat, and prepare to be jolted out of your comfort zone. This story couldn’t be more different than the author’s debut novel – Grif’s Toy – but every bit as gripping and memorable. I think it speaks volumes about Joseph Lance Tonlet’s amazing range of talent for storytelling. I’m waiting anxiously for the second LaFon Brothers book as well as the sequel to Grif’s Toy. Patience isn’t my best virtue, so I hope my wait won’t be too long!