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Shira Anthony – Blood and Rain

Blood and Rain - Shira Anthony

Reviewer: Barb

Genre: M/M Paranormal


One of the things I most love about Shira Anthony, aside from her highly creative imagination, is the way she yanks on my heartstrings and literally drags me into the story even though I know I’m going to be heartbroken and devastated along the way when she sets me up with ill-fated lovers. And she does that brilliantly in this book right from the opening scenes when she gives us a glimpse of Adrien Gilbert, immortal hunter, longing for Nicolas, his vampire lover whom he hasn’t seen in several lifetimes.

The story unfolds in flashback as we learn that Adrien was born into a family of hunters, those who protect the peace among the vampire clans and the hunters. When vampire Charles Duvalier murders his brother François, Adrien vows to hunt him down. But when the Council of Hunters makes Adrien a member of the Council of Hunters and charges him with Charles’s execution, Adrien feels more than justified in leaving his father and sister to tend their family vineyard as he sets out on a quest which will change his life forever.


In order to find Charles, Adrien reluctantly accepts a proposal from Nicolas Lambert, a vampire prince from an ancient line. Ancients are stronger than other vampires and uniting two ancient clans may bring about peace among the vampires and hunters after years of war. Nicolas is planning to marry the daughter of a rival ancient clan and wants Adrien’s assistance in getting to Paris for the wedding. Apparently, the combo of a hunter and a vampire is difficult to beat, and in return for his help, Nicolas will help Adrien find Charles. What he finds, however, is more than just Charles. He finds his brother François who is not dead but has become a vampire. He also finds love along the way—love for Nicolas that will eventually become a bond for life when Nicolas saves his life and grants him immortality in a battle led by hunters. The story is complex and highly imaginative, very emotional and compelling, and will leave readers stunned when it ends.


As I said, Shira Anthony grabbed my heartstrings right from the beginning, but that cliffhanger ending really turned me upside down. I want more, and I want it now! (stomps feet) Please don’t make us wait too long for the sequel, Ms Anthony. I couldn’t bear it. Obviously, I highly recommend this story. It’s perfect for lovers of vampires—perfect for those who enjoy a fantasy in which the world-building is highly detailed and provides a different twist on the “same old, same old” vampire stories. It’s also the right note for those who want romance, undying love, and eternal longing. Both the primary MCs and the secondary characters, Charles and François, fill that need and give us that perfect bond. Don’t miss a chance to read this book!