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Clare London – Pluck and Play (With a Kick #5)

Pluck and Play (With A Kick Book 5) - Clare London, Lou Harper

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary, Series


4.25 Hearts


Review: This is the fifth entry in the With a Kick series and it’s as lovely as ever. With a Kick, the “adult” ice cream shop (think ice cream and alcohol!), is host to some wonderful friends. The owner of a delivery service, Curtis, is a fan of the ice cream. When, on a delivery to a nearby hotel, he is attacked by the homophobic chef of the hotel. Luckily, a gorgeous man is there to save him, with a punch to the face for the chef. A “posh totty” wearing cowboy boots, no less. And so Curtis met Riley.


Riley is a musician, busking outside With a Kick the next time Curtis sees him. Unfortunately, the music is terrible and Curtis can’t help but go talk to him. This begins the slow, sweet courtship of Curtis and Riley. Riley is so laid back and Curtis is so enamored of the cowboy idea without really knowing what a cowboy does that is makes for interesting conversation.


As the two begin sharing their histories, you realize how much more there is to both of them. Curtis has an ex causing trouble and Riley has some serious family trouble. I really wanted to know more about that part, because it really seemed at odds with the Riley we see here, so calm and happy.


The reason for Riley’s terrible busking? I loved that!


I do have to whine – come on with Patrick and Lee! I need Lee’s HEA, especially after this one, he seems so sad. I loved getting to see the other couples from past stories, including Phiz and Bryan and Eddy and Nuri.


This is a cute addition to the series, even with the idiot ex. And of course, it has to be said, in this case – save a horse, ride a cowboy.