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Alexis Wood – Opening Day

Opening Day (Southern Jersey Shores Book 1) - Alexis Woods

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: This short story focuses on Aaron, or Ace, and the mess his love life has become. He’s just been dumped by his boyfriend and he’s upset. He’s going to take the advice of his very loyal, oldest friends and “take a little time for yourself before you jump back in the pool.” Excellent advice. He realizes his taste in men is “…truly the worst selection of men ever.”


As the manager of a pharmacy, he is there when a disgruntled customer begins to berate the sweet fill-in pharmacist, Darren. Aaron steps in to help out. And so begins a sweet introduction of Ace and Darren (and Darren’s confusion about all the friend’s nicknames is so endearing.)


The one quibble I had with the story was the overuse of the friend’s names. Ace and Finn were repeated so often during their conversations sometimes I just shook my head. This is a minor thing but in a short story it’s much more obvious.


The game they play at the end is adorable (I guess sexy games maybe shouldn’t be considered adorable but this was!) It’s a long sex scene considering the length of the book but as it is tied to the game, I found it so interesting.


As my initial read of this author’s work, I was happy to discover someone I would read again.