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Jet Mykles – Naughty and Nice

Naughty and Nice - Jet Mykles

Reviewer: Vivian

Genre: M/M Holiday


A Christmas story that is adorable, sweet and toothy.


Rom has been Dasher, the lead reindeer in Santa's team for the last ten years. Fun loving and footloose, he's never wanted anything more.


Shaw's the epitome of bookworm, he works as an archivist and meets Rom while enquiring for the Records. He doesn't buy what Rom is selling or even show a smidge of interest and that has Rom piqued.


Love the representation of Santa's Workshop and the Village. There's life beyond the handlers and sleigh. Loved the social divide and the misconceptions on both sides.


Rom is stymied

Shaw is shy

Confusion abounds


One of the fascinating aspects is how gender is not relevant in the shapeshifter aspect of either Santa or the reindeer. It's a clever little story that makes it all seem so simple.

Favorite quote:


To lighten the mood, Rom ripped his own shirt up and over his head, then spread his arms, preening. “You’re welcome to say something great about me.”