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Rhys Ford – Duck, Duck, Ghost Audio Edition

Duck Duck Ghost: Hellsinger, Book 2 - Rhys Ford, Tristan James

Reviewer: Barb

Genre:M/M Paranormal


It’s hard to imagine any better combination than peanut butter and jelly, but Rhys Ford and Tristan James are right up there on the list. Ms. Ford delivers another amazing story in the Hellsinger series, and Mr. James brings in the homerun with his narration, complete with the best ghostly moans and groans I’ve ever heard. Spooky, scary stuff.


In this story, Wolf comes back to Hoxne Grange with his tail between his legs, or heart in hand, whichever you prefer, but he’s come to eat crow after he stormed out of Tristan’s life for what he now realizes was a stupid reason. What he finds, besides his gorgeous Tristan, is his sister engaged in conversation with a ghostly guest at the front counter. Because she has a limited ability to man the front desk, it frees Tristan to enjoy himself in other ways, and one of those ways is to accompany Wolf as he goes to assist his cousin Sey to rid her home of a ghostly presence.


What they find is the ghost of a very vicious young woman, a young woman who seems intent to kill Tristan as well as anyone who gets in her way. She’s looking for Simone and though they don’t know who Simone is, they do know that when they find her they’ll have the key to getting rid of this ghost. They are joined in their quest by Cin, Wolf’s older cousin, who is one of the Hellsinger’s who’ve rejected Wolf for his paranormal research in the past. But Cin finally sees that Wolf is sincere when he states that he’s now not only a believer in paranormal activity, he’s ready to become a Hellsinger.


The battles between ghosts and our heros are many and fierce, and along the way there’s some very sweet lovemaking between Tristan and Wolf who finally declare their love and commitment to each other. I loved this story. It was so full of action and adventure, humor, romance, and downright scary moments! What a wonderful story to listen to on audiobook as well. It was not only fast-paced and interesting, it was narrated by the sonorous voice of Tristan James. I could listen to him all day!


I am really looking forward to more in this series, but I have to be honest and say that I’ll likely wait for the audiobook so I can get my fix of Ford and James. Yummy—even better than pb&j.


Highly recommended to all who love M/M romance and paranormal adventures.