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Alana Ankh – Splat

Splat! - Alana Ankh

Reviewer: Vivian

Genre: M/M Paranormal


Gonna need something other than Bug Wash.


A chance meeting, a rather violent one brings Moon to Deacon. Moon is a wandering fae with a big secret and a family problem. Deacon is an ad exec with a family problem. His meeting Moon solves a client dilemma he's been having, but magic seems to be more of a hindrance than help.


So this had a great premise and start. I was absolutely tickled by the playfulness and cute scale issue problem. Unfortunately, that tone is not carried throughout, and the storytelling becomes clumsy. There's the annoying habit of saying something and then explaining it or doing something and qualifying it afterwards. Repetitive, ugh. Then there's the conflict and frankly I'm still asking myself, "Why did Moon leave Deacon?" So now there's a crazy lost in the city plot twist. Fine. Not thrilled, but not the end of the world. It's their decisions when they are separated that made me go you've got to be kidding. It was so out of character as previously stated in the story that it made me cringe.


 [spoiler title="Spoiler, 'cause it's spoilery."]Deacon is gay. He knows he's gay and he's been fighting his parents' heavy-handed matching making for years and suddenly he feels the need to capitulate? Yeah, that's what every gay guy thinks is a plan when he loses the guy he's been mooning over--yep, intentional pun. And Moon's likewise willingness to go along with an arranged bonding, the whole reason he was wandering, for the same reasons. No, just no.[/spoiler]


Needless to say, I'm sad because the charming and humorous qualities so evident at the onset disappeared and the trajectory of the plot was disappointing.

Overall, adorable premise sunk by clumsy storytelling and poor character motivation choices.


Favorite quote:

Mutant butterflies? Shit, Deacon had to remember to recycle more because the planet was getting seriously fucked up."