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Tabitha McGowan – Healing

Healing - Tabitha McGowan

Reviewer: Wendy

Genre: MM Paranormal


Review: This story feels as if it’s more of a teaser; a hint of something bigger. We get the picture that the characters are unique and different. It’s clear that Bartholomew has special abilities – the power to heal others – but is being hunted down because of that difference. Immanuil, on the other hand, remains more of an enigma. He managed to find Bartholomew, the healer he was seeking, in just enough time before the wound on his hand became his demise. However, if not for the story’s blurb, it wouldn’t have been clear that Immanuil was also different – a werewolf. The suspicion is there, but it remains shrouded in a bit of mystery in the story. So, each man helps the other in a significant way, and then gets rewarded with… a cuddle. That’s right, not even a kiss passes between them for all their troubles. Like I said, a teaser!