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Kim Fielding – Grown-Up

Grown-up - Kim Fielding


Genre: M/M Contemporary


Austin Beier isn’t surprised to lose his job when he arrives late to work yet again.After all, this is his pattern.He’d rather be out partying with his friends late at night than stay in and get a good night’s sleep so that he wouldn’t oversleep in the morning. But it’s not even that much fun to go out partying anymore. One night stands or even backroom sex isn’t what it was when he was younger and not having enough money to pay the rent on the dump he lives in with two other guys is pretty pitiful.


He seeks out his dad who owns a furniture-making company to ask for a loan and it’s there that he sees his father’s office manager in a completely different light for the first time.He finally views Ben not as the handsome geek with the glasses, but rather as a man who has his act together and knows how to be responsible, and maybe he’d be willing to help Austin grow up.When he proposes that Ben help him, at first Ben hesitates, then reluctantly agrees.


Austin does not fully commit to the list that he makes with Ben immediately—the list of life changes to be made—but when he starts to see some of the consequences of his childish behavior and then when he starts to get praise from his dad and from his new employer once he begins to act on his promises of growing up—principally by being on time—a whole new world opens up for him. Epiphany after epiphany come to him and he starts to see Ben as a person of value, a man he’d like to have a relationship with, but he screws up badly on the chance he takes to give Ben a night to remember.


As the blurb states, it’s never easy to grow up.But as we learn in this story, it’s never too late either.I really enjoyed this sweet story. It was well-paced, had good character development, subtle life lessons, and a delightful insider’s view on one young man’s journey to maturity—and to his HEA.

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