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Ethan Day – As You Are

As You Are - Ethan Day, Jason Frazier


Genre: M/M Contemporary


I feel like this audiobook caught me at exactly the right moment. Julianne was kinda annoying. And I didn't like how we had two little flashbacks during high intensity scenes and I wanted to scream, "I don't give a fuck about your grandma's funeral, go back to telling me about the first kiss!!!" But I kinda ugly cried a couple times. And I may have swooned. And had a shit-eating grin on my face.


I loved all the insightful women. I loved the feelz. And the seeeeex?!? There's only one scene, so enjoy it while it lasts, but holy hotness. The narrator did a super breathy and emotional sex voice (and this scene was intense), it might be too much for some people, but I thought it was super hot.

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