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Thianna D. – As Natural As Breathing

As Natural As Breathing - Thianna D

Reviewer: Wendy

Genre: M/M Contemporary


If you like reading stories about imperfect characters or characters facing real challenges, then this story might fit in your sweet spot and Christian is your man. Let me count the ways in which Christian faces adversity: he takes “friendly fire” in the line of duty for supporting a so-called gay comrade; he sustains a life-altering injury; he gets sent to a hospital that tries to cure the gay out of him; he can no longer serve in the military and doesn’t know what else to do to support himself; he suffers debilitating PTSD and panic attacks; he might actually be gay but can’t readily admit it; and if that isn’t enough, he seems to have a fetish for spanking… or rather, being spanked.


Logan is the opposite of Christian in most every way. He’s younger but exudes confidence. He’s outgoing and comfortable in his skin including his sexuality. He has a bright future ahead of him and knows what he wants, and he wants a committed relationship just like his parents where his man will let him “paint that ass red”.


In addition to the characters, I really like all the individual pieces and parts that came together to form this story but also found a couple things I wished had been a little different. For example, I was truly hoping for a greater focus on domestic discipline but this felt more like a book about a mutual fascination with spanking. I also like to see good give and take in a relationship. However, I felt that Logan got cheated a bit – especially in the pleasure department. He was all about the giving, caring, and sharing, but he sure didn’t get nearly as much back in return. The relationship progressed pretty rapidly – most of it occurring while Logan was on a break from school – and it also left me with some questions and wanting to feel a little more secure in their future by the end of the book. Most of all, however, was the slightly “too close for comfort” relationship Logan had with his parents. Being open is one thing, but openly discussing kinks? Not so much. It had that little bit of squick factor for me.


This was a new to me author and I’m always game for trying something new and/or different. I’m glad I took the chance on trying this book!

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