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Samantha Lau – Touch Starved

Touch Starved - Samantha Lau

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Rajnish’s birthday is today. He’s turning 43 and he’s alone. He’s left his homeland of India for the US, where his son is attending school. He is divorced and with few friends here. He’s shy and this makes finding someone even more difficult.


When he runs into a drunken man on the street (literally), he meets Stephen, a writer who is immediately taken by Raj’s shy smile and exotic looks. Raj doesn’t believe it, of course, and besides, he isn’t gay.


Stephen is willing to be Raj’s friend and that’s how the two of them start out, even as Raj is doing some soul-searching, particularly after his son, Arun, comes home to say he’s met someone he loves.


I thought their sex scenes were tender and Stephen tried very hard to make it pleasurable for Raj, which was appreciated. I liked especially that these two started as friends, not as bed partners. That seemed realistic for Raj’s personality.


I thought the blurb a bit misleading because it didn’t seem the cultural differences were all that much of an issue. These two don’t face a whole lot of angst or problems, so this is a quick, soft read.

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