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Jackie Nacht – Stokes and Ford (Storming Love: Blizzard #6)

Stokes & Ford (Storming Love 2 Blizzard Book 6) - Jackie Nacht

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: While this is the sixth in the Storming Love: Blizzard series, it definitely is a standalone read. Ford and Stokes are best friends. The story begins with Ford and Stokes at a party. Ford brought Stokes out because he recently had a visit from a friend from back home and as every time, Stokes is down afterwards. Ford just wants him to be happy. When the party works just a little, Stokes decides they need to go his parent’s rental cabin and go skiing/snowboarding. While Ford is hesitant, he goes along as he usually does for his friend.


The two head up, stopping to get groceries (and the bread testing was cute) and get some skiing (Ford) and snowboarding (Stokes) in. Unfortunately, the blizzard hits. Ford hates it – he can’t control the weather and this doesn’t work for him. He worries they will run out of food, the roof will collapse, and so on.

Turns out, Stokes had a reason to invite Ford to the cabin, if he can find the courage to commit to it. These two, best friends, are so cute together. I personally land on the side of Ford for the S’mores argument –I eat mine the same way. They banter, tease, support and care for each other.


Let’s discuss the sex scene. Awesome! It was so realistic for a first time couple! “Ford thought Stokes was sticking a bat up there instead of one tiny digit.” I loved their scene because it wasn’t perfect. “He tried it and didn’t like it.” Not everyone likes anal and it was refreshing to get to see that. Also, Ford getting all excited and when he “drizzled lube on the condom, missing the first time and pouring a bunch on the sheets”, I laughed.


I am a fan of friends to lovers stories and I thought this one was wonderful. It takes courage to leave your comfort zone and they did. I liked both men very much and the story was sweet and lovely.