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RJ Scott- Seth and Casey

Seth & Casey (Storming Love 2 Blizzard Book 3) - R.J. Scott

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Seth and Casey were a couple, together and in love until part of a house fell on Seth while fire fighting. He nearly died and was grievously injured. To add to the insult, Seth had gone against orders when he went in. In his anger, he lashes out at everyone, particularly the one constant in his life – Casey. Casey tried to be there for Seth and wasn’t allowed. Some people look at Casey has being the bad guy, leaving Seth when he needed him most but these two know the truth.


They still live in the same town, just no longer in the same home. When Casey takes his students on a trip to Shorefields, a reward for a successful Christmas show, Seth was supposed to be in attendance. Of course, he’s blocking everyone out and saying no to commitment, so he blows it off.


It’s at Shorefields that the blizzard hits, just in time for the school bus to break down. Casey has ten frightened children with him and little connection to the outside. They are huddled in the bus, trying to figure out what to do when Seth, who fielded the emergency call, arrives. The only option is to get back into the building, wickedly difficult when it’s a white out. They manage it and are now stuck in the building.


Probably just what Seth and Casey need, because there is no where to run and nowhere to hide. They are forced to talk, Seth particularly. Seth is so stubborn you want to shake him. He blames everyone else for the things that are going on and he has some truly screwed up ideas.


These guys have known each other so long, since they were children, and it was great to see that they were able to listen to each other and make that effort to understand. I didn’t expect to ever like Seth but I did and by the end, I rooted for their reunion.