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Remmy Duchene – Talk Dirty to Me

Talk Dirty to Me - Remmy Duchene

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/M Contemporary



This starting out really promising, and I was enjoying the first third or so. Majid accidentally calls the phone line, and ends up chatting with Ziggy. He has reservations and clearly isn't (or hasn't been) an overly sexual person. Where I was hoping this would go? I wanted more than just the one sexy phone conversation, and more tell/less show of their talking-only conversations with the tension building and building until finally, they meet! I think that would have been a sweet HFN.


Instead? They meet too soon and things kind of fizzle from there. Both characters are inconsistent. Ziggy had been the one to talk about how natural and easy sex is, and implied that they should meet up and have 'real' sex. Then after their first date when he talks to his sister, they talk about how he doesn't usually kiss on a first date. Huh? That's not the impression you gave off to us or to Majid. Then Majid. Yes, he hasn't had sex in a year. But all of a sudden he's really dysfunctional, to the point it's hard to believe he's a 39 year old man who has dated at all. Let alone a doctor, he was oddly immature at times with emotional issues.


Speaking of inconsistencies, we never did get a good description of either guy. I could guess Majid's nationality vaguely based on his name, then Ziggy said he had a sexy accent, but when Ziggy met Majid he said he was surprised he wasn't an uptight white guy. So what's his accent? We later (very later) find out his family moved here from Qatar when he was a baby. And all we know about Ziggy is that he has dreadlocks and brown eyes. It's somewhat safe to assume he's black, but other people wear dreadlocks too sometimes. This just made them hard to picture.


Started out well, but the second half needs work. The conversations were awkward and the sexy-talk weird (I've never heard two people use the word 'freak' so much during sex, especially when the freakiest thing that happened was eating out). I just got bored, unfortunately, but it has a good framework to work from.

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