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Morticia Knight – Biking Bad

Biking Bad - Morticia Knight

Reviewer: Diane

Genre: M/M Contemporary


Luc 'Zero' Villarojas is part of the Mojave Sidewinders gang, has been since he showed up after running away from a foster home in his teens. Shock, the club leader, took him under his wing and Zero has been loyal to them ever since, he has his tattoo parlor and his pick of men in the club and considers it a good life. Dylan was orphaned as well - once by his parents, then by his aunt who took him after his parents and is trying to build his investigation business. He shows up at the club to ask questions, and gets Zero's attention in a dubious introduction!

The story is told from the alternating points of view of Zero and Dylan.


I like stories of characters that appear to be opposites and this is definitely one of those stories, with a bike gang and an investigator. What is even more interesting, is the similarities between Zero and Dylan's backgrounds. However, the gang sometimes travel on the wrong side of the law while Dylan, being an investigator, would like to bring justice to his latest case and the questions he asks put him on the gang's radar - and not in a good way!


Since this story is part of the Hard Riders anthology, it is a very fast paced story to get the back story, connection of the characters and what brought Dylan into the club. I really liked both lead characters and their back stories that give them some common ground. I did find that their physical scenes seemed a bit rushed, but again, it is a shorter story and the rest of the story to be told! The author successfully made me cry with the case Dylan is working on and how it played out, although I appreciated that they did not go into great detail on what happened to the young man.


I'd recommend this story for those who like the opposites attract stories, with some mystery and some hot scenes.

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