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SA Welsh – Jaguar Mate

Jaguar Mate (Pack Valley Book 1) - SA Welsh

Reviewer: Kevin

Genre: M/M Paranormal


Review: This is a prequel to the being of a new series called “Pack Valley”. As prequels go I felt this one was well written and provided you with background information to understand the direction this series is going to follow. The town history was explained in detail and the threat of the so called hunters to eliminated shifter at all cost is presented.

The chemistry between Jay and Kyle was wonderful and it was both endearing and refreshing to see their wealth of maturity to protect each other at all cost at such a young age. The additional support of Kyle’s parent helps lend credibility to the new relationship of these two characters and their need for guidance and understanding. The love making and claiming of each other was tender and new to both with an understanding to protect and cherish each other.

I look forward to this author’s future work in the series and cannot wait to read more about the budding relationship between Jay and Kyle.